CREATING A CULTURE OF CONFIDENCE:Youth Development through the Arts

DREAMS of Wilmington, Inc. is a nationally award-winning nonprofit dedicated to building creative, committed citizens, one child at a time, through providing youth in need with high-quality, free-of-charge programming in the literary, visual, multimedia and performing arts.


Imagine being able to help provide high-quality arts education to youth in need. Now imagine the life lessons that stay with them long after the paint dries and the curtain closes.

Welcome to the Forest of DREAMS!

dreams mural 3-5-16
Want to get out and "paint the town?" Now's your chance!

DREAMS of Wilmington--whose building sits at the intersection of 10th and Fanning Street--is desperately in need of some beautification. DREAMS is dedicated to inspiring and empowering children through the arts, but the large gray, ugly wall on the building's east side says otherwise. We need your help to create a "Forest of DREAMS." Through painting exotic flora and creatures, our goal is to transform and beautify a somewhat forgotten part of Wilmington that could really use the community's love. We will build community and create unique community interactions all through the process of promoting an awesome grassroots arts program!

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    DREAMS Garage

Imagine a 5,000 square foot historic space becoming a vibrant performing arts and community center. The DREAMS Garage will showcase art and performances by DREAMers and local artists, and host community events. Donate to The Garage @ DREAMS.

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